"Aya has problems."
Omi, "Mission 2: Fort Laufen"

the good guys

  • Coercion (Saiyuki crossover)
    Schuldig gets what he wants. (S/Gojyo, G, drabble)

  • Girl (with Viridian5)
    Aya's changing. (A/Y, A/S, S/Y, A/OFC; NC-17)

  • Maid in Heaven
    Yohji's date isn't going exactly as planned. (S/Y, A/Y; NC-17)

  • Red
    Aya dreams. (A/Botan, PG-13)

  • Wired
    Yohji and Aya implode. (A/Y, R, bdsm)

  • Mystery Wei▀ Theater 3000
  • Episode 1: "Falling Into Twist"
    In which Omi has a breakdown, Schuldig is suggestive, and Yohji just gets weird.

  • the bad guys

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