Written for Maryavatar's Crossover Drabble Challenge, with apologies to Viridian5 for stealing her line. I lay no claim to the characters, only their oh-so-witty banter.

Short and sweet'n'nasty. Just the way these guys like it.

by Maya Tawi


"Nice hair," Schuldig said. "Wouldn't call it blood-colored, though. Looks more like fruit punch to me."

Gojyo recovered quickly. "And yourself. You know, 'conditioner' isn't always preceded by 'air'."

"Clever. We gonna snipe, or we gonna screw?"

"I'm a ladies' man," Gojyo said. "Sorry."

Schuldig smiled. "Not anymore."

Gojyo hesitated. He looked torn. "All right, but I'm not an uke, got it? No offense, I just don't do the bottom-- or rather, I do do the bottom, if you know what I'm saying."

Schuldig smirked.

"Oh," he purred, "I think you'd be surprised at what I could make you do."

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