Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the property of Best Brains Inc. Weiß Kreuz is the property of Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiß, Polygram k.k., and Animate Film. I'm just borrowing the characters and the concept for a bit of harmless, crack-addled fun. The original story is reproduced with permission from the author, and I thank her for it. Also, thanks to Drusilla Rain for helping me write the host segments.

Mystery Weiß Theater 3000: Episode 1
"Falling Into Twist"

by Maya Tawi
original story by cutie-omi21


[AYA is sleeping soundly. There is a murmur of voices in the background. After a moment, his eyes open and he sits up. He is wearing a T-shirt and pajama pants.]

AYA: What the--

[He looks around, eyes narrowing. He's not in the trailer; he's in a SINGLE ROOM, not much bigger than a closet, and the bed takes up most of the space.]

AYA: Huh.

[He slides out of bed and tries the door. It opens onto a brightly-lit COMMON AREA. KEN appears to be inspecting the walls. OMI is crouched in front of what looks like a TV screen. YOHJI is sprawled on the couch, seemingly asleep.]

OMI: [looking up] Oh, hi! We were wondering when you'd get up.
AYA: What is this?
OMI: [shrugs] No idea. We just woke up here. In our....
KEN: Pajamas.
OMI: No weapons, no clues, no threats--
YOHJI: [from the couch, eyes still closed] --no girls--
AYA: Yes, the real tragedy.
KEN: There's no one else here, and no way out. But there's that monitor there, and Omi found some kind of communication device, so he's checking to see if--
SCHULDIG: [appearing on the screen] Hello, children!
OMI: [jumps] Yaaah!
AYA: You!

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: [bored] Yes, yes. Die, die, kill, kill. I've got your number, Shi-ne Boy.

[Common area]
YOHJI: [from the couch] Is that who I think it is?

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: Hi, Kudou. Dreaming of me?

[Common area]
YOHJI: ....
OMI: What do you want?

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: What do I want? Nothing I can't take for myself, thanks, but it's sweet of you to care--

[Common area]
KEN: Why are we here?

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: Existential angst, Ken? You never struck me as the thinking type.

[Common area]
YOHJI: [rising and moving to stand behind OMI] Man, isn't there anything else on?
AYA: I assume you brought us here.

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: Oh yeah? Well, you know what happens when you assume.

[Common area]
WEIß: [blank looks]

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: Never mind. Yeah, my fault. Sorry. I was bored.

[Common area]
OMI: You were... bored?

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: Well, Brad's out of town, Nagi's holed up in his room doing homework-- real party animal, that one-- and Farf's not being any fun, he's currently in the depths of one of his more single-minded homicidal rages-- oh, relax, he's secure, okay? Not that you could do anything about it if he wasn't.

[Common area]
KEN: So your idea of fun is to, what, lock us in a room somewhere?

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: [smirking] Oh dear. Is that where you think you are?

[Common area]
AYA: Enlighten us.

[SCHULDIG's face disappears from the screen, replaced by an image of Earth. A yellow light identified as the SATELLITE OF SIN is hovering in the planet's orbit. A blinking arrow is pointing at the satellite, accompanied by the words "You Are Here".]

OMI: Oh....
YOHJI: ...shit.
AYA: ....
KEN: You can't be serious.

[SCHULDIG reappears on-screen.]
SCHULDIG: Yeah, like it? Got it half-price. I had to change the original name, though. "Love" was just a bit too touchy-feely for me. And that's not even the best part! Oh, I just crack me up sometimes.

[Common area of the SOS]
AYA: [suspicious] What are you--

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: You'll find out. In approximately... ten seconds. I'd hoof it into the theater if I were you. Assuming, of course, you want to keep breathing.

OMI: Theater?
KEN: You know what happens when you assume.

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: [sweetly] No, not really. What?

KEN: Uh....
OMI: We have a theater?
AYA: Let's go.
OMI: How did we not notice the theater? That's so cool! That--
YOHJI: Don't get too excited, kid. I think I've seen this show.
OMI: Huh?

[Flashing lights]

YOHJI: [sighs] And we've got... something sign.
AYA: Are you high?
YOHJI: Why, wanna share?

[WEIß files into the theater and sits in the front row, in the order of OMI, KEN, AYA, and YOHJI. YOHJI starts to light a cigarette.]

AYA: You're not doing that in here.
YOHJI: Oh, come on. Do you see a "No Smoking" sign?
AYA: [points to "No Smoking" sign]
YOHJI: ...Damn it. [stubs out cigarette, grumbling to himself]

> I think this was the first time you can read a fan fic about Omi
> having a partner who is actually a GIRL.

KEN: What the hell?
OMI: [panicked] Me? What? This is about me?
AYA: [deadpan] Oh no, not a girl. Heaven forbid.
YOHJI: Something you wanna tell us, kid?

> Using his real name.

OMI: Um.
YOHJI: Which one?

> Editor's note: If you have any suggestion u can e-mal me at

AYA: I suggest a spellchecker.
KEN: Omi--
OMI: It's not me! I swear!
YOHJI: I just can't see Omi having the word "cutie" in his email address.
AYA: I can.
OTHERS: ....
AYA: Well, I can.

> Enjoy you're reading! I don't own Knight
> Hunters!!!

KEN: Well, that was random.
OMI: Who?
YOHJI: "Knight Hunters". Lacks a certain panache, doesn't it?

> Falling Into Twist
> Prologue

AYA: So this is a... story... that we have to read?
KEN: As evil plans go, this one's fairly obscure.
OMI: Well, it is Schuldig.
YOHJI: So should we be more or less frightened?

> It is a wonderful Sunday morning. they are all in the flowershop
> except for mamorou, who's studying his Pre-Calculus subject at his
> room on the other hide-out place.

KEN: "Flowershop"?
YOHJI: This is all sounding very familiar....
AYA: [eyes narrowing] "Mamorou"?
OMI: Um.

> Mean while on the flowershop, Ran

YOHJI: Couldn't figure out how to get down.

> was arranging the roses to be delivered. "Good Morning Aya!" Sakura
> greeted Ran.

KEN: [to Aya] So Ran is you, then?
AYA: ....
KEN: Either Sakura's confused, or I am.
YOHJI: Sakura's always confused.
OMI: Well, it's not any worse than the whole Aya-Aya thing. Not that I'm, you know, judging or anything.
AYA: Thank you. Mamorou.
OMI: Eep.

> It was almost one year after Ran's sister, Aya Fujimiya
> was awakend from Comatose.

YOHJI: Somewhere outside Peoria.
KEN: What?

> Now Aya was under a series of test given
> by Perusia and Manx, sooner Aya will be one of them.

AYA: Like hell she will!
YOHJI: Oh, chill, Aya. This is make-believe. You understand "make-believe", yes?
AYA: You understand "disembowelment"?
YOHJI: You're so cute when you're homicidal.
KEN: Guys, if you're gonna go there, take it to the back row, all right?

> "Good Morning
> Sakura." Ken and Yoji greeted Sakura. "Aya, can you go out with me
> after your work?" Sakura was always longing for Ran's care, love and

OMI: --impeccable fashion advice.
YOHJI: I do love what he's done with his hair.
AYA: ....

> time because she love Ran so much

YOHJI: [whistles]
AYA: Shut. Up.
KEN: You know, I always wondered about--
AYA: No.

> that she can give-up all just for
> Ran.
> "Sure.How about 1:00 p.m?" Ran ask. "I'll be back at 12:45 to
> fetch you. See you again."

YOHJI: [elbows Aya] You dog, you!
OMI: Hey, Sakura's the one doing the fetching!
AYA: [fumes]

> All the while Sakura was thinking that Ran
> had a feeling for her. But the real thing Ran don't have any feeling
> for her, Ran was just treating her as a friend and not a lover. The
> reason is Ran don't have interest in girls, all he's thinking was his
> sister.

KEN: ....
YOHJI: Dare I ask?
AYA: [glares]
YOHJI: ...No. No, I don't.
AYA: Good.
OMI: [giggles]

> After Sakura talk to Ran, Manx appeared near the door with Aya.
> "Aya?" Ran don't recodnize Aya at first because of her new look.
> Aya's hair was ,

YOHJI: Simply indescribable.

> she was wearing a gray slacks and a blua t-shirt.

OMI: All details that will, of course, be relevant to the story later on.
KEN: You just wait till Aya's outfit saves the day. I bet you'll be sorry then.
OMI: Yeah, I'm on the edge of my seat.
YOHJI: That's because you're short.

> "Wow!She's beautiful at her outfit." Ken was staring at Aya.

AYA: Ken--
KEN: [quickly] Wouldn't dream of it.
AYA: [grunts, somewhat mollified]
YOHJI: Away from her outfit, of course, she looks like Godzilla.
OMI: [looking around nervously] Don't even joke about that.

> "That's
> enough boys! Need to work now." Manx said.

OMI: [Manx] "Need to work now. Much to do. Look! I make fire."

> "Your mission is more
> compliceted than the natural." Aya said with her soothing voice. "You
> mean you're going to be with us?" Ken ask with amusment.

OMI: [Ken] "Why, the very thought makes me laugh. Ha ha ha!"
AYA: Why is my sister telling us what to do?

> "no! Somebody
> will do that for me." Aya explained. "Wait before you give the
> mission can we wait for Omi to arrive?"

OMI: Yeah, guys. Show some courtesy.
YOHJI: Well, you're so short, it's easy to overlook--
OMI: Enough with the height jokes. I know where you sleep.

> "Where is he?" Manx noticed that he is not in the hide-out either.
> "He's studying his Calculos lesson in the rest house." Aya explained,

YOHJI: Hey, does our hideout have, like, a rope ladder, and a secret handshake?
OMI: And a "No girls allowed" sign?
YOHJI: What? Heresy!

> at the same time Mamorou apperead in front of the door. "I'm here!"
> Mamorou exclaimed.

KEN: [shaking head] Mamorou.
OMI: [agitated] Oh, this is just not right.
AYA: It does lack veracity.
YOHJI: Yeah, that's exactly what it lacks.

> "Good timing." Aya exclaimed. "Whoooa! Who do you
> think you are?" "Watch out for your mouth guy! It's my sister"

KEN: [Ran] "Don't you compliment her timing, damn you!"
AYA: Weak.
YOHJI: Besides, I think Aya's the one who said--
KEN: Oh, shut up.
YOHJI: You have much to learn, young master.
KEN: Bite me.

> Mamorou was shocked when he know about it. "I didn't recognize
> her..." "And what about OUR bessiness?" Yoji asked.

OMI: [Yohji] "Yeah, ol' Bessie's been getting uppity lately. That cow needs to be taken down a few pegs."

> After a couple of
> minutes Aya finished discussing about the new mission.

KEN: Well, that was quick.
YOHJI: No white hunters? No dark beasts? I feel cheated.

> "How about our
> time limit?" Yoji asked. "You were given 2 months for that. I know
> this will be hard for you so we send an assistant in getting info
> that you will need." Manx know that it will lead to an argument.

KEN: Manx know many things. Much smart.
OMI: Did that one already.

> "We
> can't accept her!" As expected, Ken staeted the protest.

YOHJI: Way to stand up to the man, Ken!
OMI: [singing] All we are saying is, give rejection a chance....

> "Bur as you
> all know the info that you need to get is hard to find and she's the
> only one who know how to get in the barrier of the web site."

KEN: Wait, the bad guys have a web site now?
YOHJI: Oh, you know. "Discover our evil plan! $4.99 a minute!"
AYA: I don't even want to know.
OMI: Hey, all the cool villains are doing it.

> Aya
> explained with full of hope that they will understand.

AYA: Hope that was, alas, in vain.
KEN: Yohji's too busy thinking about his hair.

> "But Omi can
> do that also." Yoji protested too.

OMI: Alas, in vain.
KEN: Aya's too busy thinking about her hair.
AYA & YOHJI: ....

> After a couple of minutes the lady
> that they're waiting is now standing infront of the flower shop.

YOHJI: Lady?
KEN: Waiting?
OMI: Flower shop?
YOHJI: Bueller?
AYA: Sadako?
OMI: Meep! [dives under his chair]

> The
> Weiss Kruez guys was in stage of shocked.

OMI: [re-emerging] Michelle Shocked?
YOHJI: Then they were in the state of Nebraska.
KEN: Where the hell is Nebraska?
YOHJI: That's the problem. Nobody knows.

> "I'm Omichiru Harusuki."
> The lady intruduced herself. "You are who?" Ken was really shocked
> that he even don't hear the intruduction.

OMI: [Ken] "Duhhh... girl... talking... breasts...."
KEN: Very funny.
YOHJI: [Ken] "Holy shit! You have a name?"

> "I'm Omichiru, you can call
> me Omi." Omi answered.

YOHJI: Well, that sure simples things up.
KEN: Like two Ayas wasn't confusing enough.

> "What two Omi?!"

AYA: I believe the plural of Omi is Omii, actually.
YOHJI: Thanks, Aya.

> "NO! Just call me Mamorou."
> Mamorou exclaimed.

AYA: [Mamorou] "Yes, call me by the name given me by my evil, murderous father whose family I rejected and whose way of life I turned my back on." Not that I'm bitter.
OMI: But-- but-- [cracks] I'M NOT MAMOROU!!!!
[KEN and YOHJI jump. AYA starts a little.]
KEN: [patting OMI's arm soothingly] There, there. Of course you're not.
YOHJI: [warily] Your head's not gonna explode, is it?
OMI: What?
YOHJI: 'Cause I don't think we have any spares.
OMI: What?


KEN: Uh, is that it?
YOHJI: For now, I guess. Better get out of here before the kid has a seizure or something.
OMI: [whimpers]

[They file back out of the theater. OMI is being supported by KEN. AYA is barely controlling his anger. YOHJI gets a cigarette out. He turns around the "No Smoking" as he passes so it faces the wall.]

[SOS. Cluttered storage room. YOHJI is crouched down, rummaging through various opened boxes. A lit cigarette dangles from the corner of his mouth.]

YOHJI: Spare Omi head, spare Omi head... if I were a spare Omi head, where would I be? Huh. I wonder why Schuldig thought we'd need that....

[He opens a new box and freezes, staring at its contents for a long moment. His eyes grow wide. Then:]

YOHJI: [slamming box shut] I don't even wanna know.

[He rises, brushing off his knees with a sigh.]

YOHJI: Nothing. No spare Omi heads, oddly enough. [brightening as he smokes the cigarette down to a stub] Ah well! I tried!

[He drops the cigarette on the floor and grinds it out with his heel, then saunters back into the common room. AYA is crouched in front of the monitor, playing around with some wires. Data is scrolling down the screen. KEN is hovering behind him.]

KEN: [looking up] Where the hell have you been?
AYA: Yes, and why do you smell like cigarette smoke?
YOHJI: Is that any way to greet the returning hero? Here I am, looking high and low for spare heads for Omi--
KEN: What the hell are you talking about?
YOHJI: Oh, come on! Get into the spirit a little! Where is the kid, anyway?
AYA: Lying down.
KEN: Yeah, we figured he'd need a rest before he exploded.
YOHJI: Before his head exploded--
AYA: If you don't have anything useful to contribute, don't bother.
YOHJI: [wounded] Ow. Harsh. What are you doing, anyway?
AYA: Attempting to confirm Schuldig's rather dubious story. If we really are in space, which frankly I doubt--
YOHJI: Hey, Schuldig's crafty. I wouldn't put it past him.
KEN: [looking speculative] Oh, really.
YOHJI: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
KEN: Oh... no reason.
YOHJI: [quickly] So, uh, hey, Aya, you know what you're doing there?
AYA: [tersely] Yes.
YOHJI: I mean, Omi's the computer genius. We all have our niches, you know: Omi's the computer nerd, you're the taciturn misanthrope, I'm the cool one--
AYA: Debatably--
YOHJI: And Ken is....
KEN: Yes?
YOHJI: Well, Ken's the normal one.
KEN: Oh, thanks very much.
YOHJI: All I'm saying is, don't steal the poor kid's trope.
AYA: [dryly] I'm sure he'll manage.
OMI: [entering] Who'll manage what?
YOHJI: Chibi! You're up! Still feeling homicidal?
OMI: Only if you keep calling me that. Any luck?
AYA: No.
OMI: Here, I'll give it a shot.

[OMI takes AYA's seat and starts fooling around with the wires. The scrolling data is immediately replaced by a three-dimensional image of the Earth.]

YOHJI: What'd I tell you?
AYA: Shut up.
YOHJI: Ooh, burn.
OMI: [staring at the screen] Children, children. Am I going to have to separate you two?
KEN: Please do.

[Lights start to flash]

YOHJI: Shit. Fanfic sign.
AYA: [to OMI] Could you get anything?
OMI: [rising] Not yet. Next break, I guess.
KEN: Nice of Schuldig to give us breaks. Unexpectedly so....
YOHJI: Ah, it just prolongs the pain. C'mon, kids, our torture awaits.

> Note: I don't own Knight Hunters....

AYA: Again with the cryptic disclaimer.
OMI: Maybe this "Knight Hunters" thing is something we should know about....
YOHJI: Well, I ain't losing sleep over it.

> Pls. review my fic!!!!

KEN: You don't want that. Trust me.
AYA: Has anyone informed Kritiker about this?

> Falling Into Twist

OMI: About what?
AYA: Whoever wrote this seems to know a great deal about us. Clearly there has been a security breach.
YOHJI: Oh, clearly.

> It's Monday morning. The boys was working in the flower shop except
> for Mamorou because he have school for that day.

OMI: And because I'm not Mamorou!
YOHJI: Deep breaths, kid.

> Meanwhile Omi
> decided to go along with the boys in the flower shop so she can
> replace Mamorou.

KEN: Omi's replacing Omi?
YOHJI: Least we won't have to make up new nametags.

> "Aya, where's Mamorou?" Omi asked with a little bit
> irratationin

YOHJI: Seratonin?
AYA: Yes. She inquired after his whereabouts with just a dab of a mood-altering neurotransmitter chemical.
YOHJI: Well, there's no need to get snippy.

> her voice. "He will be back at exactly 5:00 later." Aya
> answered.

YOHJI: [Aya] "Or else he'll be gettin' a whupping!"
KEN: Speaking from experience, ne?
AYA: What's that supposed to mean?
KEN: Uh.... [inches closer to OMI]

> "And are he going to help me?" Omi ask furiously.

YOHJI: Great. Chick's high-maintenance.
AYA: And improperly schooled.

> "Yeah! He
> will." Ken answered it with full confidence not knowing if Mamorou
> will really help her.

KEN: Mamorou's a shifty bastard.
OMI: Grr.

> It's about 5:15 P.M yet Mamorou wasn't still there. "Is Omi here?"
> Youji asked without knowing that he is talking to the wrong person.

YOHJI: Why, in some circles, the very mention of Omi's name can cause a full-scale riot!
KEN: Could be she just doesn't know.
YOHJI: Hush, you.

> "Or do you mean Mamorou?" Omi repeated clearly.

YOHJI: See? What'd I tell you?
AYA: That is quite the riot.

> "I'm here!" Mamorou
> exclaimed as he say his daily expression when his home. "You're very
> late Mamorou!" For over a years Youji is the one who always nag at
> Mamorou whenever he's late or something..

AYA: Like Yohji can talk.
YOHJI: Says Mr. Don't-ask-where-I'm-going-don't-ask-where-I've-been?
AYA: I prefer just "Aya", thank you.
YOHJI: Of course you do.
KEN: Let's face it, Omi's the only one who ever gets home on time.
OMI: Do I win a prize or something?
YOHJI: Uh... no?
OMI: Then let's move on.

> It's late at night yet Mamorou and Omi is still quarrelling over the
> info that they need to get.

KEN: [Omi 1] "I think we need info about dancing hamsters!"
YOHJI: [Omi 2] "Well, I think we need info about porn!"
AYA: Apparently, since they share only one name between them, they only qualify for the singular version of the verb "to be".
OMI: It's a human tragedy, really.

> "Hey, how about YOU use the other
> computer?" Mamorou suggest. "OR how about YOU"LL be the one to use
> the other computer!?!"

YOHJI: [Omi 1] "So's your face!"
KEN: [Omi 2] "Well, I'm rubber, and--"
AYA: We get it.
YOHJI: Spoilsport.

> 3:00 in the morning still no one insisted to
> talk.

OMI: Which was a relief, since three a.m. is traditionally considered a time of sleep.

> Not until Ken went down to check on them. "Doing well?" Ken
> asked. "NO!!!" Omi and Mamorou answered at the same time.

YOHJI: Ha! Comedy gold!
KEN: That better have been sarcasm.

> "Whoah!
> Just be coll with each other." Ken snap at them.

YOHJI: [stoned] "Yeah, why you gotta bring us down with your negative vibes, man?"
OMI: You do that too well.
YOHJI: Whaddya mean, "too"?

> "Why don't both get
> a rest so you can concentrate on what you need." Ken is discovering
> Omi's attitude

OMI: [Ken] "I claim Omi's attitude for Spain!"
KEN: Why Spain?
OMI: Tradition?

> so he can actuelly make a way so the two could
> positively fit with each other's attitude.

AYA: How New Age of him.

> "NO THANKS!" Both of them
> answered quickly. By them Ken already read Omi's attitude.

KEN: It was short and written in capital letters. It wasn't that hard to read.

> It is
> actually the same as Mamorou's. Ken wondered why they can't fit with
> each other.

YOHJI: Perhaps we should acquaint Ken with a Paula Abdul hit from the early '90s.
KEN: Hey! No one deserves that! Especially not me!
OMI: Yeah, I think it's actually covered in the Geneva Convention.
AYA: So is assassination, if you want to be picky about it.

> Maybe because Mamorou is new with a helper who is
> actually a lady.

YOHJI: Wait. Mamorou's a lady?
KEN: No, he's new, and his helper's a lady.
YOHJI: But Omi's not new! He's been here the longest of all of us!
OMI: It's a little late to look for realism, guys.

> ### Ken's POV ###

> 'Why don't let each other have a moment so they can know each other?'
> 'Maybe Mamorou is afraid that he might fall in love and find himself
> alone again?'

YOHJI: God, Ken. Way to jump to an entirely unsubstantiated conclusion.
KEN: Like you weren't thinking it.

> 'Maybe Omi is showing that she don't need Mamorou's help?'

OMI: [agreeably] Could be.
YOHJI: Could just be nuts.
OMI: Yeah, could be.

> 'I just wish that they don't fight too much...'
> ### End Of Ken's POV ###

AYA: Well, that was certainly a worthwhile detour into the inner workings of Ken's mind.
YOHJI: Heh, just as I always thought: Not much going on in there.
KEN: ...Hey!

> 5:30 in the morning Mamorou started to fix himself to go to school.
> "Hurry up, bastard!!!" Omi exclaimed.

YOHJI: Someone needs to teach this chick basic interpersonal skills.
OMI: Doesn't she have a home?

> "Just who do you think you
> are!?! Some kind princess? If you think you are. Well sorry you're
> not!" Mamorou said as he slam

KEN: Mamorou's well-known in poetry slam circles.
YOHJI: Yeah, I think my favorite is "I'll Take As Much Time In The Bathroom As I Damn Well Please".
OMI: Like you don't spend half an hour blow-drying your hair every morning.

> the door of the bathroom. "Hey, what's
> the noise all about?" Youji asked in confused tone. "It's about your
> friend...." Before Omi could positively finished what she's saying
> Mamorou appeared infront of the door of the bathroom. "Well, it's
> nothing important." Omi is so angry because of Mamorou said.

AYA: Little-known relative of Edward Said, the famed advocate for establishment of a Palestinian homeland.
YOHJI: ...That wasn't really funny.
OMI: [helpfully] Very informative, though!

> The
> again Mamorou return in the bathroom. After one hour Mamorou went to
> his school while Youji, Ran and Ken go to the flowershop as usual.

KEN: So, wait-- a few paragraphs he was Aya again, but now he's back to Ran?
YOHJI: All these name shenanigans aren't making this thing any easier to read.
AYA: Very little could make this easier to read.
YOHJI: At this point I'm willing to try anything.

> End of chapter one!!!

AYA: [rising] I'd say that definitely warrants the excitement.
YOHJI: Let's scram, kids.

[SOL. OMI and AYA are crouched in front of the monitor. YOHJI is sprawled on the couch again. KEN is wandering around the common area.]

OMI: So I figure we can rig a transmitter to run through the control panel. Crude, but I could get it to work.
KEN: Uh, guys?
OMI: Then if we bounce a radio signal off the nearest satellite--
KEN: Guys.
OMI: --we should be able to figure out--
KEN: Hey, guys!
AYA: What?
KEN: Guys, there's a window over here.
AYA: ...Oh.
YOHJI: [muffled] Very slick.
AYA: Shut up.

[OMI and AYA join KEN at the window. After a moment, YOHJI gets up and follows.]

YOHJI: Well, that's definitely Earth down there. I've seen pictures.
KEN: We're in space?
OMI: It seems somehow unexpected.
AYA: Schuldig dies. Now.
YOHJI: [lighting a cigarette] Yeah, good luck with that.
AYA: Put that out.
YOHJI: Bite me, Fujimiya, we're in space. I need reassurance.
KEN: We're in space?

[A long moment passes.]

YOHJI: So. [exhales smoke] This is space.
KEN: How the heck would Schuldig get us into space?

[Lights flash.]

YOHJI: [sighs, takes a drag] We have fanfic sign.
KEN: But... if we are in space, then, how--
OMI: Schuldig. [shrugs]
AYA: I--
OMI: "Die, die, kill, kill." Back to the pain.

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KEN: Glad to hear it. Again.
OMI: Well, some things bear repeating.
AYA: That doesn't.

> Falling Into Twist (Chapter 2)
> While Mamorou was on his way, he encounter an attack from someone
> that is totaly unexpected.

KEN: [Mamorou] "Bob Barker! What are you doing here?"

> "So, we meet again huh!" The voice came
> from the youngest member of Schwartz. "It's you again!!!" Mamorou > exclaimed as he pick a dart from his pocket.

YOHJI: [Mamorou] "Oh, drat, a daisy! Other pocket!"

> "So, you were starting
> again to choose what happend from your past." That voice came from
> Schulderich, the 'mind-reader' one.

OMI: Hey, what's with the quote marks?
YOHJI: Well, you see, he's not really a mind reader. He's just a remarkably perceptive lounge singer.
KEN: Yeah, and I hear he likes to solve crimes in his spare time.
AYA: When he's not busy committing them?
YOHJI: ...Man, Aya, way to suck all the air out of a perfectly good joke....

> "It's not true!" Mamorou was
> confuse about waht's the meaning of that remarks.

KEN: Me too, actually. How much crack has Schuldig been smoking, anyway?
YOHJI: Yeah, and why don't we get any?

> After a while
> Schwartz left Mamorou alone.

KEN: [Schwarz] "Well, that was fun. Wonder what's on TV?"

> ---Meanwhile in the flower shop--- "Hey Youji, what do you think
> about Omi?" Ken ask because he have a feeling that something going on
> between her and Mamorou. "Well I think she's nice. But with a short
> temper for Mamorou." Youji answered trying to read what is on Ken's
> mind.

OMI: Wait, so Yohji's the mind reader now?
YOHJI: Well, when Schuldig stole my lounge singer gig, I had to do something in my free time.
KEN: Cool. Can I see the future next week?
YOHJI: You'll have to take that up with the scheduling department.
AYA: What the hell are you on about?

> "Why do you think THERE is something going on between her and
> Mamorou."Hey stop thinking about that, besides I ALREADY HAVE a boy
> friend." Omi said as she pop up from the stairs.

OMI: Ooh, Whack-a-Mole!
YOHJI: I wish.

> "You have what?"
> Youji reapeted. "I said I already have a boy friend, so you two stop
> thinking about the impossible things."

KEN: [Omi] "Especially before breakfast!"

> Ken and Youji can't believe on
> what they've heard from Omi.

OMI: "Wait. You have a boyfriend? But... you're a girl!"
YOHJI: Do we need to have another talk about the birds and the bees, kid?
KEN: "Another"?

> "Hey, you're working." It was Ran who
> always keep on reminding the others whenever they start to talk.

YOHJI: [Ran] "Yeah, you should be dour and unresponsive, like me!"
AYA: It would be an improvement.
KEN: [Ran] "You must communicate only in mime!"

> "Excuse me, can I take this Rose please." Ken was the one who is in
> charge for cashier in the flower shop.

OMI: [Ken] "No, sorry, you actually have to pay for that."

> "Aya what brought you here?"
> Youji ask. "Well, you see this is my day-off." Aya answered but
> something is bothering Ran.

AYA: Maybe the fact that they're turning my sister into an assassin--
KEN: Hush.

> "Excuse me! " Ken was still busy checking
> the other papers in the counter. "Oh, it's you." Said Ken with a
> smile. "Aya happy birthday!" Ran greeted. "Really, it's your
> birthday? Why you didn't tell us about it?" Ken was the one who is
> always informed about the important dates.

OMI: World Smile Day, Buy Nothing Day, Business Women's Day, Take Your Pet To Work Day....
KEN: [laughing] That's every day for Momoe-san.

> "You don't need to know."
> Aya answered and Ran begin to laugh. "Simply because she doesn't want
> you to know her real age."

AYA: She's really a very young-looking forty.

> "Becauseit's my birthday.... I'll treat
> you all this afternoon!" They didn't notice Omi's arrival because all
> of them was busy talking with Aya. "Aya, happy b-day!" Omi greeted
> Aya as soon as she entered the flower shop.

YOHJI: "Bee-day"? Who talks like that?
OMI: [glumly] Internet teenyboppers.

> "Thank you Omi. So, how
> are you and Josh?" Ask Aya. "Not so good. And maybe as soon as we
> don't talk every is not going to be fine."

YOHJI: Hey, not talking always worked out fine for me.
OMI: "Fine" in the sense of...?
YOHJI: Well, in the sense of... not having to talk about anything.
KEN: And given your obvious skill in that regard--
YOHJI: Yeah, bite me.

> Omi has this feeling that
> every thing is really going bad between her and her boy friend.

YOHJI: Well, if she needs, ahem, comforting....
AYA: You're on a satellite in low Earth orbit.
YOHJI: And my dreams keep me warm at night.

> "Really I think you and Josh need break to think what you really feel
> about each other." Omi agree on what Aya said.

KEN: So, uh, what the hell's going on here?
YOHJI: Yeah, come to think of it, I thought we worked at a flower shop, not Loveline.
OMI: Oh, did you miss the memo?

> 5:30 in the afternoon
> Mamorou was already there and helping the others to close the shop.
> After they had close the shop they all went down stairs to have their
> dinner. "Where's Omi?" Said Ken. "Maybe she was in her room." Mamorou
> knock on the door but no one answered.

YOHJI: Man, if I were them, I'd be glad the harpy's gone.
OMI: We are them. Um, I think. Kind of.
YOHJI: Then color me glad.
AYA: This is the same harpy you were offering to "comfort", yes?
YOHJI: Hey, I'm not picky.
KEN: We've noticed.

> "Omi are you there?" After a
> few minutes Mamorou goes in then go beck again to others in a hurry.
> "Guys, Omi was not here!!!"

KEN: [Mamorou] "She's here now, but for a while there she was gone! It was scary!"

> End of chapter 2!

OMI: Hey, look! I think that's the end of it!
YOHJI: Yeah, she just said-- look-- [points at the last line]
OMI: No, I mean, the end of the story! Look, the file stops there!
YOHJI: [whining] Oh, man! You mean we don't even get to find out what happens?
OTHERS: [stare at him]
YOHJI: ...There's no way to salvage my dignity here, is there?
KEN: None at all.
YOHJI: Damn.
KEN: Sorry.

[SOS. The red light is flashing. WEIß exchanges glances, and then OMI taps it.]

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: So how was it?

AYA: Horrific. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: [looking shifty] Oh. I'll, uh, get back to you on that.

KEN: Wait, you mean you don't even know--

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: Well, to be honest, I really just did it for kicks. But now that I've got you up there, well--
CRAWFORD'S VOICE: [off-screen] Schuldig!
SCHULDIG: Oh look, Daddy's home.
CRAWFORD: [walking into the frame] What the hell have you been doing? Nagi's barricaded himself in his room and won't come out, Farfarello's rocking back and forth and muttering something about happy trees-- [notices WEIß and breaks off]
SCHULDIG: [oblivious] Damn. I knew we shouldn't have gotten him cable in his room.
CRAWFORD: Schuldig.
SCHULDIG: Er, yeah?
CRAWFORD: Why is Weiß watching us on that video screen?
[SCHULDIG hesitates, glancing back and forth between WEIß and CRAWFORD. CRAWFORD has his arms crossed and looks rather menacing.]

KEN: Well, this should be good.
YOHJI: [passing out boxes] Popcorn! Getcher popcorn here!
AYA: Where did you--
YOHJI: Don't ask.
OMI: Ooh, popcorn!

[Schwarz hideout]
SCHULDIG: Aheheheh. Well, that's actually a funny story, really--

[The screen goes black.]

SCHULDIG: [off-screen] Now wait, don't-- OW! Jesus! That hurt, you bitch!


> "So, you were starting
> again to choose what happend from your past."


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