September 2003

I come bearing Harry Potter recs! Because I did it-- I finally succumbed. I'm a big fat fucking hypocrite. Just think, three months ago I'd never even read the damn books. Never let it be said I'm the first on any bandwagon.

So anyway. First up is some Sirius Black fluff, 'cause let's face it, the man deserves it. "A Particular Affinity", by Canis M, is about young Sirius trying to decide which animal form is best suited to him. It's harder than one would expect. I am such a Sirius fangirl. Even more a Sirius/Remus fangirl, but that's beside the point. For now. And yes, I do love puppies.

I will never forgive Calico, for she made me read popslash. And like it. In my defense, however, "Double or Nothing" isn't really about popslash; it's about wanting someone you're not supposed to, and trying to fight it, and failing miserably. And it is Weasley twincest, and Calico doesn't let you forget it, so if that's not your particular kink, just pass this one by and go straight on to....

"Circles of Power" by Mad Martha. It's Harry/Ron slash. It's also a long, engaging, well-written tale about the final battle with Voldemort, and her characterizations of the boys are pitch-perfect. I believe her Ron and Harry, and considering the quality of some HP fanfic out there, that's saying something. It's got humor, action, adventure, and Ron's first encounter with a movie theater (watching Star Wars, no less!), and it's fantastic. It reminds me why I love these characters.

Sorry for the short update this month. Maybe next time I'll just post everything from my recs file. For now, well, enjoy.

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