June 2003

Yeah. I know I'm late. Sorry. Hey, at least I'm not as late as I was that one time with that thing that did the whatever, right?

So it had to happen. Someone wrote an X2 story about John's Zippo.

Yes, of course I'm going to rec it.

"The Zippo", by SerialKarma, is a story about, well, John. And Bobby. And John's Zippo. And the three of them! Naked! With no clothes on! (Well, except for the Zippo, which one could argue is always naked, or could just as easily argue that it's an inanimate object and thus cannot be nude or clothed and why am I overthinking this? Okay, I'm done.) It's a PWP and it's hot and it's well done and it's about a Zippo, dude.

Closely related in the sense that it's X-Men movieverse fandom, though admittedly that's the extent of the relation, is Troll Princess's "All Foam, No Beer". I read the beginning of this about a year ago, mourned mightily when I thought it would never be finished, and... hey, look! It's finished! It's an exceedingly comic look at life in the X-Mansion, precipitated by the arrival of a... very interesting... new character that Troll Princess has promised/threatened to write more about, and I personally can't wait. In fact, all of her X-Men fanfic kicks many varieties of ass. "When Milk Goes Bad, and Other Reality TV Shows" is another favorite of mine, and The Xavier Mansion Diaries kinda make me fear for the future of humanity, but in that fun and exciting way. Read!

I've been reading a lot of Good Omens fic lately and I could rec a whole lot of it, and probably will next update, but for now I feel the need to nudge people gently in the direction of Moony's "It's A Kind of Magic", an improbably all-too-probable Good Omens/Harry Potter crossover. What happens when the Antichrist decides he really wants to go to Hogwarts? It's unfinished, but I feel no guilt about reccing it anyway. 'Cause it kicks ass. So go. Then ask for more.

Comic Books
Well, this one's easy, at least. Book #1 of FAKE, the first officially licensed yaoi manga in the US, is out. (Hee. "Out". I'm twelve.) It's a bizarre, comical love story between two NYPD cops, and while it may not be for everyone-- V says it was a bit too emotional for her-- I love it unreservedly and wholeheartedly. In fact, Dee and Ryo remind me a lot of Fraser and Kowalski (except the hair color's reversed), especially Ryo's propensity for taking in strays. I have to admit, I am a little disturbed by Bikky's casual homophobia, not by the fact that he has it-- in fact, it's a remarkably realistic touch-- but by the fact that no one apart from Carol has yet seen fit to call him on it, or point out why it's wrong. It could just be a cross-cultural thing, where homophobia is viewed as an amusing personality flaw rather than a potentially dangerous prejudice, or it could just be that I'm oversensitive. Either one, or a little of both.

That quibble aside, though, it's a fantastic read. Come on! Yaoi! What are ya waiting for?

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