November 2001

Cat Power's Moon Pix album. Soft, contemplative, utterly gorgeous music with just enough strangeness to it to make it interesting. Perfect for drifting or wallowing, or just curling up with a book on a rainy day. Buy This Now.

Beneath the Harrow
Siubhan's Toad stories, in the X-Men movieverse, are gonna have to get my first vote here. "Prison Buddies" and "A Toad and a Wolverine Walk Into A Bar" are giggle-worthy; "Witness For the Defense" is haunting; but the real star here is the "Beneath the Harrow" series. The pretty green boy gets a history, a life, and a story of his own. It's touching, aching, and incredibly true, distracting you long enough so you don't notice Siubhan twisting characterizations just enough to make the story fit. And depending which ending you choose, it's either utterly sad or wonderfully uplifting- sounds cheesy, I know, but trust me, it's not. I spent literally all of Sunday working my way through the series. It's definitely worth the time. Siubhan asks people to only link to the front page; once you get in, click on the link for X-Men: The Movie, and it'll take you right to it.


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