"So many worlds, so much to do, so little done, such things to be."
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Stand-Alone Stories

  • A Day in the Life (Andromeda/Angel/DueSouth/Farscape/Highlander/Saiyuki/Witchblade)
    At this rate, the world's never gonna get saved. (Gen, G)

  • Coercion (Saiyuki/Weiß Kreuz)
    Schuldig gets what he wants. (Schuldig/Gojyo, PG, drabble)

  • Down Time (Burn Notice/Casino Royale)
    Down time in Prague. (Michael/Bond, R)

  • Finding Hell (Hellblazer/Supernatural)
    "I was working my own gig. This voodoo thing down in New Orleans." (Dean/Constantine, NC-17)

    (title image)

  • A Marvelous Adventure (Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings)
    Pippin can't resist the Weasley charm... or is it the other way around? (Bill/Pippin, PG-13)
  • Serial Offenses

    The Calling Series (Due South/Tru Calling)

  • Undone (title image)
    Harrison visits Chicago. He gets in trouble. Nobody's surprised. (HD/RK, pre-BF/RK; NC-17)

  • Unfinished (title image)
    Five years later. Ray's lost in Boston, and Fraser comes looking. (HD/RK, BF/HD, BF/HD/RK, HD/OMC; NC-17)

  • The Ending Hour (title image)
    Three years later, Harrison's still looking for answers. (HD/OMC, BF/RK; NC-17)
  • The Pianosongs Series (Buffy/Highlander)
    Author's Note: I'm leaving these up for archival purposes, but unfortunately, I doubt this series will ever be continued.

  • Winter
    Eight years after "Becoming", Buffy never came home, and Willow just wants a normal life. Easier said than done. (Gen, AU, PG-13)

  • Little Earthquakes WIP
    A phone call sends Willow back to Sunnydale, where she meets some old friends and some old enemies, and learns something about herself she never suspected. (Gen, AU, PG-13)

  • Precious Things not yet written
    The Watchers are closing in on Methos, Willow's old werewolf boyfriend turns up on her doorstep, and the Hellmouth is about to open. Same old story... until a new enemy, or possibly an ally, shows up to complicate things.
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