"It doesn't matter what [Dad] wants!"
"See? That attitude, right there? That is why I always get the extra cookie."
Sam and Dean, "Asylum"

  • Black Days
    Ellen has issues. Dean's just along for the ride. (DW/Ellen, NC-17)

  • Finding Hell (Hellblazer crossover)
    "I was working my own gig. This voodoo thing down in New Orleans." (DW/Constantine, NC-17)

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  • Road Signs
    Downtime with the boys, wherein Dean has some fun, and Sam wonders why he even bothers. (Gen, G)

  • The Secret Life of Demons
    In which Dean worries about his car, Sam worries about Dean's virtue, and a succubus worries about how she's going to explain all this to her parents. (DW/OMC, NC-17, non-con)

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