"You see, there's just one small problem. If I don't tell you, you'll kill me. If I do tell you, you'll kill me anyway, become a god and terrorize the world. So, either way, there's very little personal gain for me."
Autolycus, "The Quest" (Xena)

Dead Like Me | FAKE | Hercules | Iron Man (movie) | League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie) | Lost | Poison Elves | Proof of Life | Psych | Wrong Turn | Xena: Warrior Princess | X-Men (movie)

Dead Like Me

  • Employment Prospects
    Rube introduces Mason to undeath. (Gen, PG-13)
  • FAKE

  • Hate
    Dee, Berkeley, and power trips. (B/D, NC-17)
  • Iron Man (movie)

  • The Value of Secrets
    Tony Stark has secrets, and one of them's about Jarvis. (Tony/OMC, AI!Jarvis/Tony via Suit/Tony, NC-17)
  • LXG

  • Fair Trade
    Invisible doesn’t mean undetectable. Advantage, Dorian Gray. (Skinner/Dorian, NC-17, non-con)
  • Lost

  • In the Wild
    Sawyer thinks he's in the wild. Then he meets a real predator. (Sawyer/OMC, R, unromanticized sexual assault)
  • Poison Elves

  • Jackal's Comfort
    So this healer walks into a bar, and meets this assassin, and they have this nice chat about life and love and death. And there's an elf at the end of the bar, listening in.... (Cynthia/OFC, PG-13)
  • Proof of Life

  • One Hundred Proof
    Everyone's rescued, and it's time to party. (Terry/Dino, R)
  • Psych

  • Please, Continue To Hold Your Piece
    In which Shawn is Shawn, and Lassiter finally snaps. (Shawn/Lassiter, R)
  • Wrong Turn

  • Remembrance
    The survivors don't always get happy endings. (Gen, PG)
  • Xena: Warrior Princess

  • Descent
    It's a long way down Mount Olympus. (Gen, PG)

  • Half A Life (Xena/Hercules)
    In the world of Xena the Conqueror, the King of Thieves is just trying to make a living. Fate, unfortunately, has other plans. (Autolycus/Iolaus, Iolaus/OFC, OFC/OFC; R)

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  • X-Men (movie)

  • One More Shot
    On his way through Canada, Logan does some thinking. Completely and utterly plot-less. (Gen, G)

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