Fanfic Sites
Bread & Jam
The home of Liz, a.k.a. mrsronweasley. Lots of absolutely lovely Due South and Harry Potter slash, as well as some miscellaneous fandoms-- including my personal favorite, Tanya Huff's Smoke and... series.

the flambeau factory
Torch gives good slash. And her range of fandoms is simply mind-boggling.

The Green Room version 3.0
Viridian5's written a little something in about every fandom ever, including a few you never knew existed. (Twitch City slash, anyone?)

in media Res
Resonant's fic is thoughtful, well-written, and hot. Due South, Stargate: Atlantis, Harry Potter, The Sentinel, and "other."

Another pan-fandom marvel. I particularly like Shalott's Stargate: Atlantis fic.

Random Sites
Discordian Quotes
You know, that's a pretty daring move for a weatherman.

The MSTing Mine
Following the sad demise of Web Site #9, this is the effort of a few enterprising souls to link to all the MSTings that have been posted to Usenet since 1993.

Poke the Bunny
Poke the bunny! Poke the bunny! POKE THE GODDAMN BUNNY!
Superman is a dick.

Arabic translations. Rocks the casbah.

Television Without Pity
Often hilarious, often annoying as fuck, usually helpful in some small way. Peruse at your own risk. Avoid Jacob's recaps if you value brevity (and your sanity).

Writers Beware
Extremely helpful information for anyone looking to get published.


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