"Don't look at me like that. I'm not the one who needs to brush up on her finger pantomime."
Doyle, "Sense and Sensitivity"

Stand-Alone Stories

  • Jenny
    Giles visits Jenny's grave. (G/J, G)

  • Putting The Damage On
    Years after choosing Xander over Oz, Willow tries to correct her mistake. (Gen, G)

  • Respite
    Faith and Connor, pre-Apocalypse. (F/C, NC-17)

  • Selfish
    Willow thinks she's got Faith figured out. (Gen, PG-13)

  • When Something Stands For Nothing
    Doyle and Oz have a chat. (D/O, PG)
  • Serial Offenses

    The Pianosongs Series (Highlander crossover)
    Author's Note: I'm leaving these up for archival purposes, but unfortunately, I doubt this series will ever be continued.

  • Winter
    Eight years after "Becoming", Buffy never came home, and Willow just wants a normal life. Easier said than done. (Gen, AU, PG-13)

  • Little Earthquakes WIP
    A phone call sends Willow back to Sunnydale, where she meets some old friends and some old enemies, and learns something about herself she never suspected. (Gen, AU, PG-13)

  • Precious Things not yet written
    The Watchers are closing in on Methos, Willow's old werewolf boyfriend turns up on her doorstep, and the Hellmouth is about to open. Same old story... until a new enemy, or possibly an ally, shows up to complicate things.
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